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Zamora's Electric INC.

Recreating Dream Homes That Last

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Our Services

  • Complete Remodeling

  • Kitchen Remodeling

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Panel Upgrades

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Excavation

  • New Construction

  • Custom Homes




& Accountable

About Us

Our company is a family owned and operated electrical business based in Farmersville, California. Over the past fifteen years, we have been serving Tulare County and Kings County. We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail which has led to our success. Among our specialties are residential and commercial construction. Upon completing the project, we provide every customer with the back-up support they need to make sure everything is going to function correctly. It is the driving force behind the entire building for us. In fact, the structure itself is nothing more than a gorgeous, lifeless architecture that only comes alive when the breakers are flipped on and the electricity starts flowing through its veins. Seeing the results of our projects is truly a thrill. Every project we take on, we ensure there is adequate electrical capacity for the future. As a company, we are passionate about what we do and want to share that with our customers, as we could not do what we do without them. Our goal is to ensure that we have delivered what we promised.


Recent Projects


"Really friendly good service!"

Rafael Palafox

"We had a great experience working with Zamora's. They answered all of our questions and made great suggestions. Would work with them again."

Allison Fulbright

"These guys are professional and easy to work with. They hire competent employees and they all have great attitudes."

Matt Butler

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